Christina Rayne
Lead Vocals

Zach Spicer
Drums, Vocals


Darren Hensel

Guitar, Vocals

Whiskey Stone Promo (4 of 10).jpg

Jeff Lungstrom


The idea was simple - create a show that offers a little something for everyone. Whiskey Stone is comprised of four veteran artists from the Minneapolis musical community.  Their versatility allows them to cover more ground in one set than most bands cover in a night. Audiences enjoy a wide variety of selections covering classic rock, pop, country, funk, and alternative favorites, with plenty of surprises along the way.

Founded in 2015, Whiskey Stone has been a mainstay of the most popular clubs in the Twin Cities. Christina Rayne (vocals) is supported by Darren Hensel (guitar, vocals), Zach Spicer (drums, vocals) and Jeff Lungstrom (bass).

Rayne has been a true powerhouse throughout the upper midwest for a number of years, performing across the globe with well over 1,500 shows under her belt. Hensel has spent much of his career in technical and artistic design. Spicer has been a go-to live and session drummer for artists across the nation. Lungstrom, a long time player in the Twin Cities, performed with several very successful groups before Whiskey Stone. Together they create energetic performances that pack dance floors and leave crowds begging for more.